Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the FAQs to find the answers to common questions. Can't find your question answered here? Contact us.

What’s the best way to get to the Event?

111 Paseo de Roxas is located right across from Greenbelt 1 in Makati. There are many ways to travel to Greenbelt, the P2P buses being the newest. BlockchainSpace/Acceler8 coworking space is in the UB of the building (one flight of stairs down from G).

Do I need to bring money or food?

All food is provided for! We intend to pamper you with enough dishes to keep you coding/plotting.

What do I need to prepare before the event?

Just a laptop and lots of enthusiasm! We may provide laptops from sponsors but there won’t be enough for everyone. It helps a lot if you have pre-installed your favourite tools, but we will prepare a fileserver with often used tools and SDK’s.

This is a non-stop 35-hour event, what does that mean practically?

The venue is open from saturday morning until sunday closing. You can code all night long, or take a nap. You can also take a break nearby and come back in the morning, up to you!

How are the teams set-up?

You can enlist your teams on the pre-registration, but you  can also switch a team during the event.

If you do not have a team, don’t worry, if you come in early on Saturday morning, there is plenty of opportunity to form a new team with others, or to join an existing team.

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Can we bring other people to the venue besides our team just to spectate the event?

It’s not a big problem having some spectators sometimes. Keep in mind however:
– We prepared food, drinks, t-shirt, etc. for the participants only.
– We expect non-participants to keep the environment quiet and conducive to software development for all teams.

Are we limited to any topic?

The theme of the hackathon is “Inclusive Prosperity”. Judging criteria categories are “Technical, Commercial, Societal”. If you are unsure how this applies to your team/project idea, don’t hesitate to approach a Mentor or Organizer. We will publish more about this in the coming weeks.

When is the registration deadline?

Atleast a week before the event. So if you have any changes with your teams, better to settle it then.

What will the event look like?

The event will consist of specialised break out rooms per smart contract platform , in-person code mentoring and finally a judging round to decide the top 3 teams of the competition. Our targeted 100 participants will consist of mostly developers and marketers, project managers and the like coming from a wide range of industries.